Some Habits Never Die

Heavy double doors sung open, and Xander's amber eyes were welcomed by a radiant silver star. It's shimmering scaled dome was graced by comets racing around a dark crowded room. The disco ball's passive display of radiance followed no rhythm but its own as it hovered high above the congested dance floor. Separate sets of... Continue Reading →


Donut Read This

Luscious curves Art observed Warm and soft Inhale the waft Savor the taste Catches the waist Center circular Or jelly particular Glossy shine You're all mine What more can I say? Except Happy National Donut Day!    

Unexpected Pt.4: Fear

"No... Nope. I can't do this..." Glenda backed away from Dalfrey's side, shaking her head. Fear suffocated her mind at the same time heartache poured out and pooled inside her chest. The heels of her boots squeaked against the polished floor as she spun on them and headed to the door of the children's hospital... Continue Reading →

Hot Cup of Crush

A lovely warm day outside the cafe, Mera enjoyed her coffee and parfait. While listening to an audio book, Someone walked by and she took a look. A handsome man sat down a few tables away, The elbow she leaned on almost gave way. His eyes gleamed those gorgeous blues, He held a smile when... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Pt.3: The Child Doll

(Haven't read the previous parts? Here are the links: Unexpected & Unexpected Pt. 2 (Don't feel like it? No worries! This part is just as fun without them.)  "Oh, that is the creepiest thing I have ever seen," Glenda took a step back, wide-eyed at the bizarre doll lying skewed against the bed pillow, "Second to you though."... Continue Reading →

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