Living the Moment

Tip of toes prancing, Two people dancing. One way, then another, Arm and arm with each other. The kitchen their stage, Birds freed from their cage. Steam rising, pots boiling, Yet-to-be dinner worth enjoying. Laughter tickles the heart, Smiles that make lips part. The fun to be had, A simple life yet grand. A twist... Continue Reading →


Internal Diet Riot

Keto-friendly groceries on the floor, Swung open the refrigerator door. Shoved aside unhealthy food and snacks, Tossed a bag of spinach next to Kit-Kats. Time to get serious about this dieting, But my hungry stomach is already rioting. Healthy food juxtaposed with the junk, Seeing the contrast puts me in a funk. Keto shouldn't be... Continue Reading →

When I Fall

A constant sense of dread, Insomnia-inducing thoughts in bed. The "What If's" that bog my mind, False thoughts and pessimism that blind. Imaginary weights on chest, Racing heart with no rest. Invisible chains that tie my wrists and ankles, My mind is a prison with my body in shackles. But then there is the silent... Continue Reading →

The Toddler Menace

Guilty is the face of my child who got caught Coloring on the walls with a crayon Who also stripped off his clothes outside And led a shameless chase across the damn lawn Guilty is the face of my child who got caught Soaked from dropping a gallon of juice Who wanted to pour himself... Continue Reading →

Sick Day

When the body aches and fever strikes, I lay in bed feeling under the weather. After some pain pills and long naps, I read, or watch TV, hoping to get better.

My Island Home

Salty ocean breeze Graceful palm tree leaves Dance in warm, soft sand Fresh coconut drink in hand Hammock under the shade Listen to the cuatro played Bongos pound deep and proudly People cheer, "Weepa!" loudly Let the rhythm take control Let it rejuvenate the soul Later, it's mofongo for dinner Coquito makes you feel like... Continue Reading →

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