It Began With An Umbrella

Above, dark, gray clouds growing black, Below, a loud city street was packed. Cracks of light split the clouds, Heavy rain showered over the crowd. One was a lady named Isabella, Who struggled to open her umbrella. With force, it popped open with success, But not before the rain soaked her dress. Then the wind... Continue Reading →


Some Habits Never Die

Heavy double doors sung open, and Xander's amber eyes were welcomed by a radiant silver star. It's shimmering scaled dome was graced by comets racing around a dark crowded room. The disco ball's passive display of radiance followed no rhythm but its own as it hovered high above the congested dance floor. Separate sets of... Continue Reading →


She was a woman shattered Like porcelain pieces on the floor Empty of her wild spirit Not the same as before A dark room her pieces laid Little light for her to see One by one gluing parts together The process felt like an eternity Then a helping hand knocked But she refused to let... Continue Reading →

Mommy Problems #571

There once was a mother who rushed, Her missing keys made her cheeks flushed. She looked up and down Then stood with a frown, Keys were in her hand and she blushed.

To The Rescue

Light-bulbs sparked to life in the art shop, Darla, exhausted, thought about her mattress. Soft purple, pink and orange of a setting sun, She saw painted on the large cloudy sky canvas. Counting down to the final hour, The young brunette wanted to go home. But a familiar ring alerted her a customer, It took... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Pt.4: Fear

"No... Nope. I can't do this..." Glenda backed away from Dalfrey's side, shaking her head. Fear suffocated her mind at the same time heartache poured out and pooled inside her chest. The heels of her boots squeaked against the polished floor as she spun on them and headed to the door of the children's hospital... Continue Reading →

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