Art of Passion Haiku

Paint-covered fingers New colors on my canvas Love and joy, you paint


It Began With An Umbrella

Above, dark, gray clouds growing black, Below, a loud city street was packed. Cracks of light split the clouds, Heavy rain showered over the crowd. One was a lady named Isabella, Who struggled to open her umbrella. With force, it popped open with success, But not before the rain soaked her dress. Then the wind... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Super Hero

No super powers or abilities But you've always made me feel safe Not able to fly into the sky But you've taken my heart place to place No cape or costume to wear But you'll always be a symbol to me Not rich in luxuries and materials But you've shown me the best things are... Continue Reading →


Hold me tight, My head on your chest. Lay all night, Listening to our breaths. Smell your scent, Mingle with mine. Could lay here together, Until the end of time.

Yours and Mine Together

Step by step Side by side Your hand, my hand Feet in the tide   Dress whips back Hand on hat You laugh, I laugh Oh, wind, you brat   Sun-kissed cheeks Wind-blown hair Your nose, my nose Breathe the sea air   Cotton clouds Soft blue sky Your eyes, my eyes Catch seagulls fly... Continue Reading →

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