Some Habits Never Die

Heavy double doors sung open, and Xander's amber eyes were welcomed by a radiant silver star. It's shimmering scaled dome was graced by comets racing around a dark crowded room. The disco ball's passive display of radiance followed no rhythm but its own as it hovered high above the congested dance floor. Separate sets of... Continue Reading →



Night sky brightened by outdoor light, Decorations up, and townsfolk in delight. Music filled the air and drowned the silent night, Local folks gathered to enjoy the sight. Ladies twirled with bright smiles and lacy skirts, Men led in sombreros, boots, and button-up shirts. Rhythmic stomping against the dusty ground, Cheering and clapping came from... Continue Reading →

Live A Little Musical Dream

In the shower or in the kitchen, In the living room, shakin' and kickin'. In the car at the red light, Giving other drivers' a fright. No matter the music, Whatever gets me groovin'. I'll sing the high notes of a song, Even if I get a pitch or two wrong. Songs from my past... Continue Reading →

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