Living the Moment

Tip of toes prancing, Two people dancing. One way, then another, Arm and arm with each other. The kitchen their stage, Birds freed from their cage. Steam rising, pots boiling, Yet-to-be dinner worth enjoying. Laughter tickles the heart, Smiles that make lips part. The fun to be had, A simple life yet grand. A twist... Continue Reading →


Yours and Mine Together

Step by step Side by side Your hand, my hand Feet in the tide   Dress whips back Hand on hat You laugh, I laugh Oh, wind, you brat   Sun-kissed cheeks Wind-blown hair Your nose, my nose Breathe the sea air   Cotton clouds Soft blue sky Your eyes, my eyes Catch seagulls fly... Continue Reading →

Delicious Plan

"First," the wife said, slowly unbuttoning her husband's black petticoat, "Let's get this off." One by one, her fingers pushed out each gray button, exposing his white polo shirt tucked into his khaki pants. Then she squat down to her knees to remove that last few. An intrigued brow rose up over her husband's curious... Continue Reading →

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