Living the Moment

Tip of toes prancing, Two people dancing. One way, then another, Arm and arm with each other. The kitchen their stage, Birds freed from their cage. Steam rising, pots boiling, Yet-to-be dinner worth enjoying. Laughter tickles the heart, Smiles that make lips part. The fun to be had, A simple life yet grand. A twist... Continue Reading →


Art of Passion Haiku

Paint-covered fingers New colors on my canvas Love and joy, you paint

It Began With An Umbrella

Above, dark, gray clouds growing black, Below, a loud city street was packed. Cracks of light split the clouds, Heavy rain showered over the crowd. One was a lady named Isabella, Who struggled to open her umbrella. With force, it popped open with success, But not before the rain soaked her dress. Then the wind... Continue Reading →

Hot Cup of Crush

A lovely warm day outside the cafe, Mera enjoyed her coffee and parfait. While listening to an audio book, Someone walked by and she took a look. A handsome man sat down a few tables away, The elbow she leaned on almost gave way. His eyes gleamed those gorgeous blues, He held a smile when... Continue Reading →

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