The Toddler Menace

Guilty is the face of my child who got caught Coloring on the walls with a crayon Who also stripped off his clothes outside And led a shameless chase across the damn lawn Guilty is the face of my child who got caught Soaked from dropping a gallon of juice Who wanted to pour himself... Continue Reading →


The Ultimate Guessing Game

"What's dat?" "What's what?" "What's dat?" I look around. "Use your words." "Mine?" "What are you looking at?" Oh no, there's a frown. "Mine?" "The TV cords?" "Mine?" "Use other words." "Black." "What's black?" He points, Where's this at? I glance around, It wasn't far. He was asking, For his toy car. How vague, A... Continue Reading →

Age Limit, Bah!

As a kid, I loved the whack-a-mole machines, Eager for those moles to come out and be seen. Knocked them on the head with a cushion mallet, Smashed each one as fast as the timer would let it. Now as an adult, I've watched my own kid play, When he couldn't finish, I took over... Continue Reading →

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