They Came From Behind

"Run, little girl, run! I like them hot and sweaty!" laughed the ominous young man who was chasing after Laura, leading her deep into the autumn-stricken forest. The air echoed with the crunching sound of dry, fallen leaves and sticks being crushed under the teenagers' sneakers, along with the her heavy, terrified panting and the... Continue Reading →



Sometimes it takes me a mighty long time to complete writing a chapter for a book I have been working on for almost two years because I get too many damn ideas for how a scenario could go. Or sometimes while I am in the middle of writing one story idea, my brain goes completely... Continue Reading →

The Last of Our Kind

Every month on the same meadow-covered cliff pointing out into the vast ocean, I wait for her. And so does the elegant moon. Hovering high above the clear night sky, I gaze at the ancient sphere as it sees me through my human body and into my soul, knowing my true form. It is only... Continue Reading →

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