Old Thoughts, Same Silly Smile

A moment in time Memory worth reliving The joy it still brings


My Favorite Super Hero

No super powers or abilities But you've always made me feel safe Not able to fly into the sky But you've taken my heart place to place No cape or costume to wear But you'll always be a symbol to me Not rich in luxuries and materials But you've shown me the best things are... Continue Reading →

The Tornado Dancer

Sneakers, flats, or black high heels, Clarissa couldn't decide what to wear. Swing Dance Night was minutes away, And she couldn't wait to get there. Every Friday, she would partake, In the community ballroom dance. She loved twirling in dresses with high heels on, But tonight she wore sneakers and pants. While she may be... Continue Reading →

Not A Problem Whatsoever… I Think

Confession: I have a penchant for coffee. No matter what time of day it is, there's usually a mug in my hand. It's 2pm? Coffee time. It's midnight? Coffee time. It's 3am? Sure, why not. I have no shame... Daily Prompt: Penchant

Too Cute To Use

Looking at the pile of unused spiral-bound graphic cover notebooks and designer pens stashed inside a large coffee mug, it was then Marley realized she had a penchant for buying stationary for her blossoming writing career but never actually using them. Daily Prompt: Penchant

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