Donut Read This

Luscious curves Art observed Warm and soft Inhale the waft Savor the taste Catches the waist Center circular Or jelly particular Glossy shine You're all mine What more can I say? Except Happy National Donut Day!    


Internal Diet Riot

Keto-friendly groceries on the floor, Swung open the refrigerator door. Shoved aside unhealthy food and snacks, Tossed a bag of spinach next to Kit-Kats. Time to get serious about this dieting, But my hungry stomach is already rioting. Healthy food juxtaposed with the junk, Seeing the contrast puts me in a funk. Keto shouldn't be... Continue Reading →

Eye On The Pie

Gritting teeth, Furrowed brows. Moving slowly, It's a stare-down. Rapid heart beats, We picked up the pace. Head to head, Must be first place. Eye on the prize, Last one on the stand. She wanted it too, Not by my command. Increased my speed, Feeling damped in my pits. We're neck and neck, It's a... Continue Reading →

Food for My Thoughts

It's Wednesday and that means I'm at my local Books-A-Million sitting at my favorite table at the cafe section, with my usual coffee and snack to feed my thinking mind while I continue to work on this story idea I have. Today I wanted to try their double chocolate chip. Let's just say I don't... Continue Reading →

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