She was a woman shattered Like porcelain pieces on the floor Empty of her wild spirit Not the same as before A dark room her pieces laid Little light for her to see One by one gluing parts together The process felt like an eternity Then a helping hand knocked But she refused to let... Continue Reading →


Internal Diet Riot

Keto-friendly groceries on the floor, Swung open the refrigerator door. Shoved aside unhealthy food and snacks, Tossed a bag of spinach next to Kit-Kats. Time to get serious about this dieting, But my hungry stomach is already rioting. Healthy food juxtaposed with the junk, Seeing the contrast puts me in a funk. Keto shouldn't be... Continue Reading →

To The Rescue

Light-bulbs sparked to life in the art shop, Darla, exhausted, thought about her mattress. Soft purple, pink and orange of a setting sun, She saw painted on the large cloudy sky canvas. Counting down to the final hour, The young brunette wanted to go home. But a familiar ring alerted her a customer, It took... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Pt.4: Fear

"No... Nope. I can't do this..." Glenda backed away from Dalfrey's side, shaking her head. Fear suffocated her mind at the same time heartache poured out and pooled inside her chest. The heels of her boots squeaked against the polished floor as she spun on them and headed to the door of the children's hospital... Continue Reading →

The Toddler Menace

Guilty is the face of my child who got caught Coloring on the walls with a crayon Who also stripped off his clothes outside And led a shameless chase across the damn lawn Guilty is the face of my child who got caught Soaked from dropping a gallon of juice Who wanted to pour himself... Continue Reading →

Hot Cup of Crush

A lovely warm day outside the cafe, Mera enjoyed her coffee and parfait. While listening to an audio book, Someone walked by and she took a look. A handsome man sat down a few tables away, The elbow she leaned on almost gave way. His eyes gleamed those gorgeous blues, He held a smile when... Continue Reading →

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