To The Rescue

Light-bulbs sparked to life in the art shop, Darla, exhausted, thought about her mattress. Soft purple, pink and orange of a setting sun, She saw painted on the large cloudy sky canvas. Counting down to the final hour, The young brunette wanted to go home. But a familiar ring alerted her a customer, It took... Continue Reading →


Time-Traveling Thief

Bullets go flying, Bike chase intensifying. Hand on the throttle, Citizens all startled.  A high-stakes bank heist, Cops now closing in tight. Congested lunch hour, Packed lanes gave him power. He zigzagged between cars, With bags full of gold bars. Black and blue couldn't follow, A win he was quick to swallow. When a police... Continue Reading →

Blood Sisters: Pt 1

"Get ready to release the Blood Sisters." Captain Alistair told his crew inside the small control center of the hovercraft. "Aye, captain!" The crew members shouted from their stations. In broad daylight, the small ship flew low enough to surf over the top of the lush-green forest. Its powerful jet engines shoved back the long... Continue Reading →

Not Your Puppet Soldier

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" General Teller roared across the wooden strategy table, spraying his spit out over the maps and markers, "That was not what I had commanded you to do, you stupid piece of -!" In deep rage, he pounded both heavy fists against the table, where the vibration knocked over several items, and... Continue Reading →

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