Why Does My Brain Do This To Me!

There are days when I look forward launching my first published novel. Then there are other days when I want to launch my laptop out the window.  Curse you, writer's anxiety!! Daily Prompt: Launch



Sometimes it takes me a mighty long time to complete writing a chapter for a book I have been working on for almost two years because I get too many damn ideas for how a scenario could go. Or sometimes while I am in the middle of writing one story idea, my brain goes completely... Continue Reading →

Food for My Thoughts

It's Wednesday and that means I'm at my local Books-A-Million sitting at my favorite table at the cafe section, with my usual coffee and snack to feed my thinking mind while I continue to work on this story idea I have. Today I wanted to try their double chocolate chip. Let's just say I don't... Continue Reading →

Not A Problem Whatsoever… I Think

Confession: I have a penchant for coffee. No matter what time of day it is, there's usually a mug in my hand. It's 2pm? Coffee time. It's midnight? Coffee time. It's 3am? Sure, why not. I have no shame... Daily Prompt: Penchant

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