My name is Rosaly. I’ve been called Rose, Sally, and sometimes Rosalyn by southerners who don’t know how to pronounce my name but try and attempt anyway. I prefer Rosaly or Ro. Or if you forget my name, just say coffee and you’ll have my attention.

A little bit about me: I’m a mom, a wife, former retail business entrepreneur in mid-career change. I’m Puerto Rican but have lived in the states most of my life due to my father being in the military. I love all sorts of music (my main is rock), love exercising (gasp! I’m a weirdo, I know), guilty of having two breakfasts before lunch (I’m a hobbit), playing video games when I feel like being a recluse, and nature walks and fishing when I crawl out of my cave.

There are several goals I have in mind that utilize this blog. I aim to have a career in writing. If you can imagine the most cliche comments by folks who have always wanted to become a published author, think of those now and that’s what I would say without actually writing it out. It’s one thing to say it, it’s another to walk, and in this case, write your way into commitment. Discipline is key and I am working hard to maintain that.

I’ve been working on a book series for the past two years, with hopes of finishing the first draft of book one by this summer. The genre is fantasy-based with all sorts of fictional races, advanced technology that could be compared to the Western days, and a lot of gods and goddesses. World-building is one of the most challenging things I could ever attempted but I am pleased that even after two long years, I have created my damn world. Now to finish it out. Currently at 44,000+ words so far. When the time is right, I will share excerpts of my book on this blog, which by the way is unofficially titled Burning Blood. Looking forward to meeting beta readers!

Other than that, I plan to share short stories, post about my thrilling dreams and chaotic nightmares, poetry, and maybe share some artworks of mine. I do have an Instagram full of my latest artwork. You are welcome to find the link on the home page and check them out for yourself.

In the meantime, I hope I can entertain you guys. Since I am still getting acquainted with everyone, I don’t mind if you post a link to your blog on this page. I will gladly follow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page!


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