It Began With An Umbrella

Above, dark, gray clouds growing black,
Below, a loud city street was packed.

Cracks of light split the clouds,
Heavy rain showered over the crowd.

One was a lady named Isabella,
Who struggled to open her umbrella.

With force, it popped open with success,
But not before the rain soaked her dress.

Then the wind blew her umbrella inside out,
Wires broken, she stood there with a pout.

Isabella no longer saw a rainy blur,
When a man held his umbrella over her.

He didn’t mind the pouring rain,
Holding the umbrella caused no strain.

Together they hustled to a convenient store,
From there they got acquainted more.

In the moment Isabella knew after that,
She wanted to date Tom after their chat.

Rainy days were two umbrellas, hand-in-hand,
Something Isabella and Tom considered grand.

Next it became one umbrella, arm-wrapped waist,
Her head on his shoulder; walking slow-paced.

Hundreds of rainy days came and went,
They now live together in a home for rent.

Strolls in the rain became their tradition,
Much enjoyed by their latest family addition.




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