To The Rescue

Light-bulbs sparked to life in the art shop,
Darla, exhausted, thought about her mattress.
Soft purple, pink and orange of a setting sun,
She saw painted on the large cloudy sky canvas.

Counting down to the final hour,
The young brunette wanted to go home.
But a familiar ring alerted her a customer,
It took discipline to resist a loud groan.

With a mask she practiced wearing for retail,
She stepped away from the counter to greet.
But before she could turn the corner,
What she saw made her stop on her feet.

Standing in front of her was a woman,
Who mirrored her eyes, her smile, her whole look.
Same long brown hair hanging lose over tan skin,
Darla was flabbergasted and her hands shook.

The doppelganger removed a gun from her jacket,
And then handed her what looked like a letter.
With hesitance, Darla accepted the folded paper,
The woman smiled, “This will explain better.”

She looked up at the clock and noted the time,
“It’s almost 7:46pm. I need you to hide,”
Darla confused, asked, “Why should I?”
Her copy said, “This is how we almost died.”

Taking heed to her words, she darted to hide,
Behind the counter before seen by two bandits.
The reflective mirror showed them masked and armed,
“Give us the money!” The criminals demanded.

Her clone said no word but fired her gun,
Bullets fly and there are shouts of pain.
She shot down each criminal down to the ground,
Their agonies were nothing they could feign.

Darla called 911 and the police soon arrived,
But her doppelganger was nowhere in sight.
She took a private moment to look at the letter,
And discovered a newspaper clipping inside.

In large font it read, “Near-Fatal Robbery:”
“Woman Viciously Assaulted and Left for Dead.”
Darla’s name was listed as the victim and she cried,
The woman had to be her from a future not far ahead.

Her future self going back to rescue her,
Was something she wondered if she was imagining.
But the young woman was grateful she came back,
And stopped this traumatic event from happening.



Daily Prompt: Doppelganger


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