Hot Cup of Crush

A lovely warm day outside the cafe,

Mera enjoyed her coffee and parfait.

While listening to an audio book,

Someone walked by and she took a look.

A handsome man sat down a few tables away,

The elbow she leaned on almost gave way.

His eyes gleamed those gorgeous blues,

He held a smile when he chewed.

Oh how she wanted to become acquainted,

How many women looked at him and fainted?

Removing the ear buds to think and decide,

Mera wanted nothing more than go out with this guy.

But suddenly she paused and felt unsure,

Maybe a date request would be too premature?

But how could she not say hi,

And let this handsome stranger walk by?

She mustered all courage she could find,

It wasn’t much because she still wanted to hide.

She used a small mirror to examine her face,

Adjusted her shirt and retied her shoelace.

After fixing her hair and checking her teeth,

She took a deep breath and got onto her feet.

Gripping her purse tight with a smile,

Mera hadn’t felt this infatuated in a while.

Three small steps she made from her seat,

Oh no, someone else left her in defeat.

A young woman sat down next to her crush,

Feeling embarrassed, she began to blush.

Her heart fell into her stomach with a flop,

Mera spun on her heels and came to a stop.

Her coffee sat there lonely and unfinished,

One drink and her sad feelings diminished.

She sat down and returned to her audio book,

And never gave the man another look.


~ END ~


Daily Prompt: Premature


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