Unexpected Pt.3: The Child Doll

(Haven’t read the previous parts? Here are the links: Unexpected & Unexpected Pt. 2
(Don’t feel like it? No worries! This part is just as fun without them.) 

“Oh, that is the creepiest thing I have ever seen,” Glenda took a step back, wide-eyed at the bizarre doll lying skewed against the bed pillow, “Second to you though.”

“Now is not the time for jokes,” Dalfrey shook his head, “I have never seen anything like this in the millions of years I’ve been around.” Both the tall bat-winged demon and young redheaded woman stood with caution at the foot of the child-size bed. The curly brunette doll made subtle movements where it sat, as if it was trying to get up but looked more like it was being rattled.

“Mama? Where’s my mama?” A voice echoed out from inside the pouty pink lips of the porcelain doll, shifting its little neck side to side. Its glass blue eyes scraped against the sockets of the face to exchanged glances between Dalfrey and Glenda. The sight made Glenda’s hairs stand on end and a shiver down her spine.

Strong traces of dark energy clouded the room, muggy against her skin like she was in a sauna. Suddenly the doll’s voice became inaudible and made strange noises. Its eyes closed and continued to make whimper-like sounds.

“What is it doing?” Glenda grimaced.

“It is crying,” Dalfrey said, dropping his shoulders as he kept his eyes fixated on the doll. She couldn’t tell if he was either being cautious or sorrowful for it.

“Well, if it is just a demon doll, that’s easy,” She threw her black shoulder bag in front and dug into it with one hand to find some sage, “All I have to do is exorcise the demon out and it should return to being a normal creepy doll.”

“No,” He snatched her hand to keep it from further searching in the bag, “She is not what she seems.” His piercing yellow eyes bared into her as he clenched his jaw, making his small tusks peer out from his bottom lip. He yanked her hand out of the bag and stretched it out towards the doll.

“Use what I have taught you when sensing energy.” The demon’s stern face focused back on the doll, “Tell me what you feel.”

Glenda let out a long, defeated exhale. She didn’t want to be working today and seeing as she was brought here by force, she was growing irritated that this job was not going to be a quick fix-and-go one. Whatever kind of evil this was, she planned to stop it fast enough to leave her enough time to go and take the final exam scheduled in the next two hours.

“Fine.” She said and closed her eyes. As she noticed early, the room was thick in a cloud of powerful evil energy. She directed her focus on the whimpering coming from the hollowness of the porcelain doll. Then she felt it. Innocence. Frighted, innocent energy. Her heart dropped.

“A child… Is that a real child in there?” Glenda gasped and cupped her mouth, her pulse beating faster as fear filled her veins. Although she asked, she already knew the answer. What kind of evil being would do this?

“I’m afraid it is.” Dalfrey released her hand and crossed his arms, “Archangel Michael wants you to figure out a way to get this child back into her normal body.” His sharp talon feet scratch against the wooden floor as he stepped over to the side of the bed next to the crying child doll. When he reached out his long claws towards her, the doll began to cry much louder.

“There, there. You are in safe hands.” The massive demon cooed her. He picked her up by under her arms and placed her gently against his chest like a baby despite her height being at least four feet. Even then, she was too afraid to calm down.

“Speaking of angels, how about you get out of your demon disguise?” Glenda pointed up and down at him, “I doubt you are going to make her stop crying when you look like you are going to eat her.”

“I thought you found this disguise mysterious and sexy?” He grinned at her. She rolled her eyes hard enough to make them appear white for a second.

“Oh my goodness, it’s called sarcasm,” She groaned, “Stop being ridiculous and get back into your normal body.” With a snap of his fingers, the bat-winged, gargoyle-like demon transformed into an angel. Dalfrey’s true form was a tall, tan-colored man with long black hair and brown eyes. Unlike his demon disguise, his face now has a well-trimmed beard. His wings looked like those of a hawk with the various shades of white and brown with black spots speckled here and there.

“Better?” He asked the brunette child doll, rocking her in his arms. In almost an instant, she calmed down, letting her legs dangle off his bent left elbow.

“Now what do we do?” Glenda asked, flabbergasted by the situation, “I have never seen anything like this. In the many years I have been in this fieldwork, I don’t even know how to bring that child back into her normal body.”

“Well, you are going to hate the next part,” Dalfrey became grim. An ill-feeling hit Glenda in the gut.

“How bad is it?” She asked. Rather than saying another word, the angel walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. Then the feeling of teleporation hit her as their surrounding blurred out into blends of verticals colors with cool air blowing up from their feet. When everything settled and their surrounding returned to normal, Glenda nearly collapsed to the floor.

Inside a children’s hospital in the hidden city of angels, dozens of porcelain doll children occupied the beds. They were either still or rattling their bodies, calling out for their loved ones. Others cried out in fear.

“It’s this bad.”


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