Uninvited Fishing Guest

Inhaling the crisp morning air,

Old man Dan exhaled a large white puff.

He stood next to a river outside a forest,

Holding his lawn chair and fishing stuff.

The old man found a spot in the open,

Readied his chair and made his cast.

Sat comfortably with the pole in hand,

Hoping to catch some salmon or bass.

Soft-moving currents of the river,

Hummed melodically into his ears.

Until a sound of four heavy feet,

Brought terror that aged him a few years.

Rock gravel crunched under each step,

As a black bear sniffed and strolled around.

When it noticed Dan and what he was doing,

It wobbled over to the chair and sat down.

Poor old Dan was petrified by the bear,

But the white fur on its face showed it was old too.

The massive creature watched the fishing line,

That was when Dan had an idea of what to do.

After several minutes the line caught,

A fish smaller than Dan would have liked.

He reeled it in and tossed it to the old bear,

Who ate it in a several little bites.

Dan cast the line again and waited,

Old bear sat next to him with patience.

His old hands reeled in another bigger fish,

And gave it to the animal without hesitation.

This repeated one more time,

Until the bear felt full from his third meal.

The old animal then patted Dan’s shoulder,

The old man froze; it was all so surreal.

The black bear returned to the forest,

Dan exhaled relief for the solitude.

Then the massive creature returned later,

And gave him a large dead stag as gratitude.


Daily Prompt: Forest





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  1. This is powerful. Interesting how the same sensitivity that develops overtime, allowing you to understand the idiosyncrasies of a task also, how to perform well. Serve as a double edge sword. Everything is going wrong and I know exactly how bad its going. The deeper I’ve been cut, the deeper I’ve d cut you.

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