Welcome Back

Am I drowning or am I floating?

Is this emptiness or is this harmony?

Have I accepted nothing or gained everything?

What is this foreign feeling inside of me?

Am I sinking deep into the dark sea of doubt,

Or are my eyes closed to the bright cloudy sky?

A numbing sensation overwhelms me,

Pushing away all desire to know why.

Then light cracks the black void in two.

Air fills my lungs and gives me life,

My eyes open slowly and there stood you.

Laughter and shrills of joy fill my ears,

Hugs and kisses brought me to tears.

You tell me, “I have missed you so so much.”

“You’ve been in a coma for almost a year.”


Daily Prompt: Laughter






2 thoughts on “Welcome Back

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  1. Nice poem! His/her thoughts at first were confusing, but in the end, it has a great plot twist! If I were in a comma, I wonder if I’d feel the same thing, too.
    More power to your blog!

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