Live And Learn

Tides of change

Come as we age

The person in the mirror

We slowly see clearer

Old mistakes and failures

Should not serve as our jailers

From who we were back then

The past serves as a great lesson

An intangible mentor we never meet

But always stands behind our feet

Leads us forward into life

Either in harmony or in strife

Every present moment after

Could be a beginning of a new chapter

Live and learn and grow

With what the past taught you to know


Daily Prompt: Mentor


9 thoughts on “Live And Learn

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  1. That’s nicely put; such a simple concept, but a distinctly human struggle.

    Words affect reality in that they shape perspective. Yours here are a good example.

    If that is the case, we must surely learn to master our perspective; it is our choice whether the past accompanies us into the unknown like Dante’s Virgil, or sits on our shoulder tormenting us like the devil itself.

    Nice to see which side you’re on.

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