Time-Traveling Thief

Bullets go flying,

Bike chase intensifying.

Hand on the throttle,

Citizens all startled.

 A high-stakes bank heist,

Cops now closing in tight.

Congested lunch hour,

Packed lanes gave him power.

He zigzagged between cars,

With bags full of gold bars.

Black and blue couldn’t follow,

A win he was quick to swallow.

When a police bike appeared close by,

He knew it was time to fly.

A neat trick up his sleeve,

An escape none would believe.

Smashing a button on the console,

Unleashed ahead a time portal.

In went the thief,

Leaving many in disbelief.

The portal dissipated in a flash,

Almost causing the cop to crash.

Wheels kicked up clouds of dirt.

 A century forward into the outskirt.

When gold value was jaw-dropping,

Its sky high price worth robbing.

The man grinned at his victory,

As the gold robber who time-jumped history.


Daily Prompt: Sleeve









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