The Samsung S phone rattled obnoxiously against the top of wooden nightstand, creating an irritating sound worse than the alarm itself. Face buried deep into her pillow, Glenda’s groggy, green eye peeked open and glared at the little device.

Too exhausted to sit up, the young red-headed woman threw her arm up on the nightstand like a fisherman tossing a large catch aside on deck, and tried to swipe the alarm off with her thumb. The heavy vibrations from the alarm made the phone shift sideways per ring and kept slipping away from her reach.

“Ugh, hold still.” She grumbled into the soft pillow and raised her head up to move closer. She swiped, the alarm kept ringing, swiped again, but it still kept going. Unfortunately her finger was too cold for the phone screen to register her touch, and she kept swiping and swiping until she slung the phone clear off the furniture.

“No, no, no! Dammit!” Glenda threw herself up and looked over the side of the bed. The case-less phone laid face-down on the hard wood floor. The alarm had stopped and so did her heart. The phone was practically brand-new and she only had it for a week. The thought of having to buy a replacement screen, or worse a new phone, created a rivulet of sweat to cascade down her forehead.

Glenda leaned over the edge of the bed and pinched the sides of her face-down, fragile phone, heart nearly failing to work for her. Holding her breath and shutting her eyes, she lifted it up from the ground. No sound of pieces falling off came to her ears. Next, she slowly opened one eye, and exhaled in relief.

It wasn’t cracked. The snooze on the alarm was activated and a few minutes away from reactivating.

“My goodness, I am going to have to sleep with gloves on or something. How lucky I didn’t shatter the screen.” She huffed her hot morning breath over her index finger and finally swiped the alarm officially off before it could go for a second round.

“How do you know it was you who knocked the phone off the nightstand?” A deep voice hissed and Glenda snapped her head up.

A gargoyle-like demon sat on her window sill with an elbow on his bent knee and other leg dangling off the edge. Long black hair rested against his shirtless torso that was riddled with scars. He had on clean pants and his bare feet were long talons similar to birds of prey. His face appeared more human than the rest of its body.

“Good morning.” He smiled, exposing his sharp teeth and tusks under his glowing yellow eyes. He stretched wings, demonstrating the long wingspan he had.

Glenda held her breath, heart beating wildly, and let out an ear-piercing scream.

~To be continued~

Daily Prompt: Rivulet


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