Yours and Mine Together

Step by step

Side by side

Your hand, my hand

Feet in the tide


Dress whips back

Hand on hat

You laugh, I laugh

Oh, wind, you brat


Sun-kissed cheeks

Wind-blown hair

Your nose, my nose

Breathe the sea air


Cotton clouds

Soft blue sky

Your eyes, my eyes

Catch seagulls fly


Playful breeze

Lax palm trees

Your ears, my ears

Rustling leaves


Sun lays down

Here comes night

Your hug, my hug

Life feels just right


Arm in arm

Face to face

Your sway, my sway

Dance in slow pace


Pull me close

Toes on tips

Your smile, my smile

Heart-warming bliss


I am yours

You are mine

Your heart, my heart

Through end of time




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