Green-Eyed Cur

If one could wear jealousy like a piece of clothing,

Consider what he wore a black tuxedo.

He envied the rich life his close friends had,

Saw their happiness as an attack on his ego.

I say the word, friends, lightly,

Because he saw each one as a tool.

When they shared any positive news,

He’d mocked them with words so cruel.

Not to their faces, no he wouldn’t dare,

But behind a screen, computer or phone.

Where his internet persona reigned supreme,

Insulting through a sarcastic tone.

“But it’s said with good intentions, nothing malicious,”

He would say when he had to backtrack.

Lying and gas-lighting to avoid taking fault,

While holding a dagger behind his back.

Living in misery from his own sins,

That devilish cur in the green suit.

Best stay away from a man like him,

A coward with a bite who deserves the boot.


Daily Prompt: Curย 


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