Favorite Day of the Week

It was Thursday, another day of healthy eating on Tina’s schedule. In her mind, though, it was appetite torture. For two weeks everyday, she had been on this dieting venture because she wanted to not only lose weight but to beg forgiveness from her organs as they have been pretty upset with her lately. Fast food gave her the runs, sugar made her breakout, and other things that made her realize she was getting older and not younger. Time for self-care.

Holding a container of egg whites in one hand and turkey bacon in the other, Tina dropped her shoulders with an exasperated sigh. She hated this diet and it didn’t help that she was a picky eater. However she did lose some weight, her skin got clear, and bubble guts seemed like a thing of the past. It was notable that she accomplished all this on her own, but she would do anything for a nice fat omelette covered in cheese, piles of bacon, and pancakes slathered in real maple syrup. Actually, chicken and waffles sounded better.

Raising her defeated head up, something on the fridge calendar caught Tina’s attention. Today was actually Friday, which mean it was cheat food day. Cheat food day. Her eyes shot wide open and she straightened her back full of excitement.

Without a second thought, Tina tossed the containers back into the fridge like bowling balls and slammed the fridge. Feeling rejuvenated by this revelation, she got dressed, pulled on her coat, and stepped out to pick up some chicken and waffles.

Tina deserved this day. Go, Tina!


Daily Prompt: Notable


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