Delicious Plan

“First,” the wife said, slowly unbuttoning her husband’s black petticoat, “Let’s get this off.” One by one, her fingers pushed out each gray button, exposing his white polo shirt tucked into his khaki pants. Then she squat down to her knees to remove that last few.

An intrigued brow rose up over her husband’s curious eyes as he watched her rise back up from the floor in a slow, majestic manner. She pressed one hand against his broad chest, stepped to his side, and brushed her hand across to catch the shoulder of the coat. She moved behind him and grabbed the other side of the coat to pull it off of him.

After hanging it up, the wife points to his shoes. “Next, those need to come off.” Without a word and a suspicious eye, the husband used the tips of toes to pull his feet out of his loafers.

“Now,” She took both of his hands into hers, “close your eyes.”

“Do I have to?”


“Fine.” In a low grumble, the husband closed his eyes. The wife bit the bottom of her lip and gave a little giggle before she pulled him along the hall and into the living room. With some careful maneuvering, she stood him with his back facing the couch.

The husband was little startled and nearly opened his eyes when he felt his wife unbuckle his pants. But no, he continued to keep them shut but now both eyebrows were raised full of eagerness. After the ends of the belt fell to his side, she unbutton his pants and left it alone from there. Then she sat him carefully on the couch, kissed on the lips, and ran a finger down his chest.

“I figured, -wait, keep your eyes closed-, you would like some of your favorite meat between some buns tonight.” She said, before spinning on her heel and leaving the room. The husband listened to her flats click against the wooden floor as she returned to him.

“Okay, now open your eyes.” She said with a poorly suppressed giggle. The husband snapped his open and barked out a disappointed, but humored laugh.

His wife stood there with a twelve-inch sub loaded with meats, veggies, and dressing, along with chips, and a pickle on a large plate in one hand. There was a cold bottle of beer in the other.

“That was one elaborate plan to fool me into thinking I was getting something else.” He grinned. She handed him the plate and beer into his outreached hands, then leaned down and hovered her face in front of his.


“Ha, ha! Gotcha!” She smiled playfully. The husband placed the bottle into the cup-holder on the arm of the couch and shook his head at her. She twirled on her feet and skipped out of the room and into the hallway. He picked up the sandwich with both hands and took a big bite. His taste buds hollered with happiness from all the delicious flavors.

“By the way, “She peeked her head out, “Sexy time is after dinner.” She winked and left again. The husband stopped chewing, took a few seconds to think.

“I’m full!” He shouted across the room, put the sandwich down, moved the plate aside, and hauled out towards their bedroom



Daily Prompt: Elaborate


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