Two Hearts on Two Wheels

There was a bright preteen girl,

With a fresh flower in her hair.

Picked by her best friend,

The neighbor boy in a wheelchair.

Every day before school she had breakfast,

Then snatched her backpack after her fill.

Ran out the door to see her best friend,

Waiting for her at the top of the hill.

She’d wrap her arms around his neck,

And propped her feet right under his seat.

Together, he would race them down the hill,

Straight to the bus stop; it was both cute and neat.

After school, after being dropped off,

The girl would take her turn to push the boy.

Up the steep hill without so much a grunt,

Being there for her friend gave her joy.

Every school day, this repeated,

The two met in the morning.

Head to the top of the hill,

And together go down soaring.

For years, this went on into high school,

When the girl became a lady and the boy a man.

When she was old enough to drive,

They would meet at her van.

Her beauty and personality blossomed,

Along with popularity among her classmates.

While the man in the wheelchair was a regular fellow,

Those two still met for burgers and milkshakes.

Now prom was around the corner,

And many, including the lady, were excited.

All except the man in the wheelchair,

Who quietly loved her and could no longer fight it.

The day came when he would finally ask,

And decided he would ask her during lunch.

When the time came, he mustered all courage,

But another “normal” man beat him to the punch.

Heartbroken and defeated, he rolled away,

He didn’t meet her by the van, instead took the bus.

He forgot how difficult it was to go up the hill,

Without her help, this day was a bust.

That is until his chair started moving,

And he looked up to the see the lady smile.

She asked why he left; he admitted he loved her,

She was ecstatic because she, too, loved him for a while.

Together, they were the life of the prom,

The couple turned heads with their slow dance.

She sat on his lap, arms around his neck,

Both happily deep into their romance.




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