Nightmare #315: Reunion Gone Wrong

Based on my inability to get proper sleep plus lack of exercise and chocolate cravings, the dreams and nightmares I have been having recently are so incredibly far-fetched that I am surprised at myself for not documenting them. I mean, not everyone wants to relive the nightmares that caused them to snap awake sweating, sitting up or, bonus points, sit up and scream. I myself am not a screamer, but there have been a few nightmares that earned a gasp as I woke up into a panic.

So as of today and onward, I will share the nightmares that form from the strange world that resides in my head. Here’s one from last night:

A dark cloud-cover concealed the sun that was setting in the horizon behind a conference center. This was where I found myself in the parking lot among many of my former high school classmates. The ten-year anniversary had finished and we were all parting ways.

My husband approached me, looking nearly unrecognizable, but I knew that man was him based on certain features around his face. Hell, even I had a different appearance but at least my body was the same. The only difference was that I had long bleach blonde hair (I’m a brunette), glamorous make-up (I like natural-looking makeup), and wore a large white fur coat over my outfit (I have a white bathrobe I love wearing around the house so that might be where that came from). Talk about a pretentious appearance.The weird-looking hubster came by to pick me up in a private jet. (Real life, the only plane we own is a paper one). So it was interesting to me that we came off like rich people.

I remember stopping to take a moment to glance at my reflection from the nearly black tinted-window of the plane outside. For some reason, I smiled to examine my pearly-white teeth and to my horror, there was a gaping hole in my gum over the top front two teeth. No blood but it was terrifying to see the roots of my teeth barely hanging on due to the lack of gum tissue.

Horrified by the sight, I tried to alert my husband on what was going on, but a sudden ill feeling overcame me and I collapsed against the side of the plane.  He broke away from his deep conversation with another person to see me hurting, and he freaking looked at me like I was acting like a fool.

In my attempt to inform him what was wrong, blood gushed out of my mouth before I could complete a sentence. Then more and more blood poured out of my mouth and spattered all over the parking lot like I was throwing it up. The sight caused people to take notice and they surrounded me to either spectate or call 911. My husband decided to continue his conversation with this person I couldn’t see very well instead of assisting me.

At that point, two separate areas of gut-wrenching pain hit my back and it was when I realized my kidneys were failing. I begged my husband to find a female doctor and thankfully, one showed up to the scene to tend to me. That was when he decided to finish his conversation with that person and turned his attention to her. While she happily chatted away with him, I am over here fearing for my life. Blood covered my face and my coat and I had both arms wrapped over my stomach to survive the pulsing pain. There was this impending sense of death over me as I suffered.

When the female doctor finally gave me undivided attention, she told me to sit inside this long red wagon, you know the children’s toy wagon? Yeah, that. What the hell. It was long enough for me to lay on my side. Without a word, I did what she asked and she single-handedly pulled me along, then returned to her conversation with my husband, who had given no shits about my condition. Instead of an ambulance like any normal situation for this type of crisis, I was dragged to the hospital on foot.

The journey to the emergency room was like living a slow-motion movie. Each step the doctor and my husband took seemed like it took several seconds for their foot to raise and press against the ground. The blood dripping from my lip took at least ten seconds to hit the bottom of the red wagon, the same amount of time it took for my heart to make a beat. Even the wind that was blowing around us made my hair seem like it was permanently flowing sideways. Every throb of pain from the sides on my back matched my slowing heart rate.

Eventually we reach to a set of automatic doors and when they slid open, the freezing air of the emergency room stung my face and gave me chills that worsened the pain I was already in. But I was relieved that we were finally there.

That is until I was told I had to wait in the lobby until someone could see me. The doctor left before I could object and I remained in the red wagon with my husband chilled to the bone. The amount of anger that surged through my system could be compared to a volcano ready to erupt. I was dying. Why wouldn’t anyone help me?

The nightmare fast forwards to when I was cleaned up and changed into a gown. I sat on a patient bed, listening to a male doctor explain something in regards to the x-rays he held in his hand. He was talking but the words coming out of his mouth were inaudible. I just remember staring hard at the x-rays.

Fast forward again, I am back to how I look like in real life, sitting inside a school bus with some of my high school classmates from the reunion.  The atmosphere was rather grim. Everyone in there had a dead look in their eyes, even myself. Nothing but hallow human beings sitting quietly while the school bus rolled along and dropped us off one at a time.

End of that nightmare.

What did you think of my nightmare? Want to know other horrifying ones I have dreamt about? Should I be concerned? Leave a comment and tell me what you think! Please and thank you for reading.


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