Blood Sisters: Pt 1

“Get ready to release the Blood Sisters.” Captain Alistair told his crew inside the small control center of the hovercraft.

“Aye, captain!” The crew members shouted from their stations.

In broad daylight, the small ship flew low enough to surf over the top of the lush-green forest. Its powerful jet engines shoved back the long tree branches, scattering leaves into the air. A dirt trail between the tall trees came into view in front of the control room, which was perfect for their kind of drop-off.

Hitting switches above the aircraft’s control wheel, the dark blue-skinned half-orc with long black dreads studied the radar for any potential enemies who could interfere with their drop-off. So far, the sisters were clear for landing.

The captain pressed a button on the console, “Ladies, are you ready?”

“Aye aye, captain!” both women cheered over the headsets. Alistair couldn’t understand how those two could be so giddy over a dangerous mission.

“Actually, I have to pee. Can we stop somewhere?” Namari, a cat-humanoid, said over her mic and they both giggled.

“I’m hungry!” Rita, a human, pretended to whine, “I can’t hack computers on an empty stomach. Alistair, feed me please!”

“Alistair, I might be too sober for this ride. I hate jumping out of planes.”

“But you are a cat-humanoid person… thing. Just land on your feet.” He said as he checked the radar again. Still clear. The voice of the human woman laughing made him smirk.

“Oo, someone thinks he is witty.” Namari said in a mocking voice.

“After this mission, let’s get wasted.” Rita suggested, and both women squealed over the mic, making the half-orc shake his head.

“Oh, yes! Let’s party like we did last week! Remember that beefy Orc who was checking you out? Never thought I’d see an Orc flirt with a human girl.”

“Girl, he was so fine! I just want to-”

“Ladies!” He barked, pinching the bridge of his nose to keep from getting annoyed, “Bikes are about to be launched. Now shut up and get ready.”

“Aye captain.” They said, and the flustered half-orc muted their conversation before he catch anymore of their ridiculous discussion.

“I think we annoyed him again.” Or so he thought.

“He’s always annoyed at something.”

“I am not!” He snapped over the headset, and their snickering made him grumble, “Let’s get focused on the mission at hand or come back in body bags.” Sitting to his right, Darian, his first officer, looked at him with a smirk. Alistair rolled his eyes.

Once the hovercraft was low enough and steady over the dirt trail for drop-off, Captain Alistair readied for the next part of transport. “Open the cargo bay.” He commanded and the crew members followed his command. Red lights flashed over the ceiling and an alarm sounded across the ship, indicating the cargo door was opening.

Another alarm sounded and it wasn’t for the cargo bay. Alistair glanced down at the radar and noticed flashing beacons far ahead of them.

“Captain, we have ground enemy fighters on sight!” A crew member shouted from behind him, “They appear to be blocking the road with their vehicles. There might be an anti-aircraft weapon too.”

“Damn it.” The half-orc huffed when his eyes caught a thin outline of the vehicles at the horizon, but he had faith in the women down below. They weren’t called Blood Sisters for show.

“Aim the rockets at the vehicles. We need to blow a hole for the ladies to go through.” He ordered. The crew followed his command. He kept the ship steady until a fast-moving beacon on the radar caught his attention.

“Incoming missile!” With fast reflexes, he jerked the throttle up and dodged it before it could took out one of the wings. Realizing the cargo bay door was opened, he called over the mic, “Ladies, report.”

“We are alright.” Rita said over the mic. He breathed in a sigh of relief but anger came over him.

“Return fire!” He shouted, adrenaline pumped in his veins as he gripped the throttle tight. Two missiles shot from the sides of the hovercraft. They met their targets, destroying the vehicles blocking the dirt road.

“Report!” The captain ordered.

“Sir, both vehicles have been eliminated. No sign of life.” said one of the crew members. The half-orc knew they couldn’t waste anymore time.

“Release the Blood Sisters.” He said. Leaning over in his seat, he glanced out of the window and waited. Then out from underneath the ship, two armored motorcycles raced out ahead, kicking up a trail of dirt behind them.

“Ladies, you know the rendezvous point.” He said, taking the hovercraft up and away from the road.

“Yes, captain.” They both said as they raced past the burning vehicles and down the road.

“Will they be alright?” Darian asked, the new first officer appeared concern, “We have given away our presence and this might have put them in jeopardy.”

“Trust me when I say this.” Alistair looked over at him, “They are called Blood Sisters for a reason. No one survives an encounter with them.”

**to be continued**

Daily Prompt: Witty


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