Not My Idea of Finger Painting

Ignoring the warm air making her skin perspire and sticky, Jenny shifted around on her bare feet in the tiny laundry room. She shook her hands down by her sides while the seconds on the washer ticked to the very last one.


Now for the test. Giving her hands one more good shake, the brunette held her breath and focused every bit of energy into her hand-eye coordination. She raised a steady hand to the handle, slipping her fingers under the flat side without scraping her nails against the surface of the machine.


The washer door popped open, releasing a flowery fragrance from the soaked clothes around her. Now for the challenge of transferring them to the dryer without ruining the fabrics. She glanced down at her fingers and shook her head.

She just had to paint her nails at the same time she was doing laundry. Whoops!

Daily Prompt: Focused


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