Dilemma of a Preggo Woman


Susan grumbled when her elbow knocked her stuffed leather purse off the kitchen counter, and watched the contents spill out all over the sparkling white tile floor; some under the cabinets and others rolled into fridge. With one hand on her hip for balance, the eight month pregnant woman attempted to bend sideways to pick up a red-color lipstick that laid by her swollen feet.

But when the baby decided to shift downwards and pesky gravity made a grab for her stomach, she stood back up before she could have fallen on her face. Her cheeks grew hot and sweaty as heat rippled over her body from the exhausting failed effort. She placed both hands against her aching lower back and leaned her head back.

She sighed with eyes closed and then opened them back open to see the mess on the floor. “My belly is so round and heavy, I might as well be turning into a planet.” She said to herself, “At least I could use my gravitational pull to pick up everything off the floor. Then my purse can rotate around me like a moon and I don’t have to worry about carrying anything until my due date.”

She chuckled to herself, waddling over to pick up the broom and long-handle dust pan because the hell she was going to try bending down again.

Daily Prompt: Planet


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