My Mom Burned My Homework

“How’s that math assignment?” Mom peered over my shoulder, looking down close enough for my nose to catch a smoky scent off of her short-sleeve blouse. I tossed the pencil out of my hand and rubbed my face with both hands. It has been two grueling hours and only three of the twenty-five math problems have been solved. This assignment is worth ten percent of the final grade, basically, it can pass or fail me.

“I hate math.” I grumble, pulling my cheeks down and rolled my eyes back, “Especially Algebra II.” I doubt this type of math is going to apply to me and my future firefighting career. Graduation seemed so far off with this in the way.

“Stop that. You’ll ruin your handsome face.” Mom swatted at me, and I released the grip on my face and returned by eyes back to focus. I huffed when I looked at the same antagonizing equations making a mockery of my intelligence.

“Do you think you can help me? You should be a master of this stuff by now with all the time you’ve had to learn it.” I asked as the tall woman sat down across from me at the table, with a mug in hand. Spots of ash speckled over the front side of her white blouse and dark tan skin.

“Mom, what did you burn this time?” I glared at her. A guilty frown stretched over her face as she glanced down to her mug, using a finger to twirl her long black hair.

“I… might have burned some of the mail by accident.” She said rather fast, and took a large gulp from her mug.

I shook my head at her, “You have the hiccups, don’t you? You better not burn-”

“Don’t worry, I wo-HICC!” She tried to cover her mouth but it was too late. A small fireball escaped from her mouth and landed on top of my homework.

“No! No! No!” I frantically slapped away the flames with my own bare hands while it raced to consume all of my homework.

Water splashed all over my hands and the papers, putting out the fire. I snapped my head up with furrowed brows and a deep frown as my mother stood there holding her mug upside down over the spot of the fire and a hand over her mouth.

“I’m so so so sorry, chico! Anything I can do to fix this?” She shuffled through the remnants of my obliterated sheets of math homework, by doing so, smearing the ashes across the marble table.

Raising my not-burnt hands up to my shoulders, I shook my head and sighed, “Tell my teacher that you are a human-disguised dragon who happens to be my mom and that you burned my homework with your fireball hiccups.”

Mom laughed and shook her head at me. Her mouth opened to say something but her eyes shot wide open when her throat attacked her with another hiccup. Both of her hands slapped her mouth shut through the hiccup and when it passed, streams of black smoke flowed out of her nose. She exhaled the rest of the smoke through her mouth.

“How about you don’t tell your Human father what I did and I will do whatever it takes to get you that passing grade.” She offered.

“Deal.” I nod.




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