The Last of Our Kind

Every month on the same meadow-covered cliff pointing out into the vast ocean, I wait for her. And so does the elegant moon.

Hovering high above the clear night sky, I gaze at the ancient sphere as it sees me through my human body and into my soul, knowing my true form. It is only a matter of time before it completes charging its mystical powers and shape into its full form will it be able to release us. The countdown has already begun and I am ready. Where could she be?

It is a quiet night of listening to the dark, gentle waters splash against the bottom of the high cliff, tickling my nose with the scent of salt. The branches of the forest behind me and the meadow hiss at the strong wind for disturbing them. A cool wind calls for my attention as it caresses my bare chest, sending chills down my back.

But like an answer to an unspoken prayer for warmth, a pair of slender arms slips between mine and lace together across my stomach into a tight embrace. Her soft cool body presses against my skin, sending another form of chill different than that of the wind. My Serythia.

“Hello again, my love.” Her soothing voice greets my lonely ears. She presses a light kiss to my left shoulder.

“Hello again, darling.” I grin, placing one arm over both of hers, “How was your journey?”

“Uneventful. Time can be a cruel character when it comes to testing one’s patience.” She chuckles, pressing the side of her face against my back and squeezes my waist, “I have miss you so much.”

Breaking her hold around my torso, I turn around to face the tan-skinned woman who has captivated my heart for centuries, “As I have for you.” My arms wrap around her strong feminine body and pull her to my chest, breathing in the sweet scent of her long curly brown hair. Pulling her head back, her dark brown eyes gaze into mine, smiling bright with those lovely pink lips. Her fingers brush my long black hair behind my ears, and we share our first kiss since the last full moon.

When we pull apart and clasp our hands together, Serythia faces the moon, “Ready for our long night of fun?”

“If you call burning down villages and eating livestock fun, then yes. Yes, I am.” I laugh, and she returns a grin to me. As we have for the past five hundred or so years, she and I stand side-by-side, holding hands and wait for the call. Five hundred years yet in our human form, we appear to be in our late twenties. Strange how our mortality works.

The last few seconds of the countdown ticks away, and now the moon radiates with full power. It casts its blinding light upon us, and the mystical energy courses through my veins, through my mind, and through my heart. My body and the energy of the moon are one and the same.

“Let’s have a wonderful night together.” I grin to Serythia.

She grins back, “As always, my love.”

Hands held tight, we both take a running jump off the cliff. Nothing to fear, nothing to lose because this is who we are. Every full moon allows us to be free to our true form. The shift is quick and painless, almost like slipping into comfortable clothes meant for one’s body.

Serythia and I soar into the night sky as the last two dragons of this world.


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